David Ferreira provides a premium service for his clientele, the Fait-Sur-Mesure.

This exclusive service gives the costumers the change to personally meet with the designer and bloom a ‘creme de la creme’ clothing piece for any occasion.
The service allows the clients to be able to acquire the pieces closer to their season, ensuring a more accurate and exclusive design.

The customer will have the opportunity to select or alter any design from current and past seasons or have and exclusive design created personally for them.

After the design selection, the client will be able to choose the colour, material, finishing and embellishment of the piece.
Embellishments can be designed from scratch and exclusively at the atelier under the order of the client.

Once the garment design and features of the piece are determinate, the patterns will be adapted or created to ensure that the garments are personally fitted to the customers measurements and body proportions.

The next step is to create a toile that records the exact fit, cut, design and finishing’s, including detailed information such as lining, interfacing and embellishment.

A series of fitting will take place in the atelier to ensure the perfection in every aspect of the piece.
The creation of mannequins with the client exact measurements and body proportion is available to order to avoid fitting for those clients with a tighter schedule.

Hence, Ferreira ensures to satisfy his prestigious clientele by meticulously reconciling his skills and handcraft with their astounding taste and thus blooming a piece of clothing that are both unique and painstakingly perfect.

David Ferreira also provides Costume Design services for big productions such as stage performances and cinema.