David’s World

Founded by David Ferreira in 2015, the singular Lisbon-based brand immediately won enormous demand and became distinguished outside the capital city.
David enjoys boundless creations, each idea is carried out and explored to appeal to the taste of uncommon women, who trust their own style and are particularly fond of clothes that work as an extention of themselves, linking the fine line between fashion and art.

A purchase of a wedding dress is a crucial moment in the life of a young girl. Such an event can be equated in importance only, perhaps, to her life partner’s choice. Each bride-to-be, anticipating such a vital and important occasion, dreams of how beautiful she will look on this bright and solemn day.

How many years has she dreamed of her wedding day, how long has she imagined herself as a bride – how can she now choose not the best wedding ceremony dress?

It is with such thoughts, in festive excitement and filled with joyful emotions Latin brides go on a long shopping trip, ready to spend any money and as much time as they want to buy their wedding dress.

It’s not a secret for anyone that today’s assortment of the wedding market is so broad that it is difficult to imagine such a product that could not be found in one or another catalog. To date, you can order wedding dresses wholesale or retail from anywhere in our country and even from any corner of Europe – the delivery system worked out over decades will help the customer get the desired product without significant overpayments and in the shortest possible time. 

The worldwide Internet network also contributes to the expansion of opportunities – after all, when placing an order, the buyer can be at home or at work, at their computer.

Luckily, official wedding dress designer websites, multiple catalogs of manufacturing companies, and the possibility of electronic payment – all these modern technologies make life much easier for brides, reducing the time and radius of the search for their wedding dress and necessary accessories that will complement it.

By purchasing the one and only wedding dress, a Latin American model is undoubtedly taking an essential step in preparing for the happiest day of her life. But there is still a long way to go to complete the creation of her ideal bride image. 

After this purchase, the girl will look for the desired accessories – a veil or other headdress, gloves, jewelry, handbags, and other little things, which, in her opinion, will perfectly emphasize the solemnity of her appearance on the wedding day. 

At this stage, she will have to turn on her fantasy to the fullest, and 100% follow her wishes so that the image of the bride created by herself is the true embodiment of her girlish dream!


David Ferreira’s pieces play with the shape of the woman’s silhouette, creating a visual poetry that blurs the lines between elegance and grotesque.
He worked for designers such as Iris Van Herpen, Meadham Kirchhoff and Giles Deacon which shaped his culture, skills and techniques in order to unfurl brand new silhouettes embodying a modern vision of the Couture concept.
Defining uniqueness as the true meaning of luxury, Ferreira portraits the feeling of holding uniqueness in the highest regards.


Since David’s graduation his creativity has been celebrated and awarded

David Ferreira go above creating admirable designs: it’s the unique experience the brand provides that set David apart. The ability of providing emotions creates a memory for life in our customers. It’s the rarity in David Ferreira signature that makes it an unique experience. David does not look for ordinariness, instead he searches for ideas that make women have a more affirmative stance in society, without being afraid of shocking and, above all, those who have the will to stand out among the masses.
His clothes are a statement of strengh and technical ability.

Image: David Ferreira’s sketch and technical drawing for Les Etoiles Mercedes-Benz competition.


David Ferreira has attracted numerous artists and celebrities. As a result, a tight-knit group of creative, iconic and influential personalities share and inspire the designer’s universe. Musician and style Icon Bjork, Portuguese singer Mariza, French Petite Meller, photographer Nick Knight, among others.
In only two years was lauded with the international award VFiles Made Fashion with his first collection and subsequently presented his SS16 season over New York Fashion Week. He was then awarded the Merit Award Fashion Scout London, earning three seasons of sponsorship. On The 4th October 2016, Alexis Mabille and Mercedes-Benz in Paris announced David as the winner of the inaugural Les Etoiles Mercedes-Benz.