Guide on how to dress a man beautifully to find a bride

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Your wardrobe may be replete with season trends, fashion designer labels, be well thought out in terms of the color arrangement, but if things don’t fit your body type, they won’t look harmonious. Moreover, if this is your case, you can hardly find a bride.

Luckily, we have a useful guide on how to dress a man so he could find bride for marriage. In this article, we pay your attention to a short selection of basic principles that you should use when choosing clothes depending on one of 5 body types.

We are not saying that you need to dump everything that you have at the moment (although if you have time, money, and desire, why not). There are just certain key concepts that you need to know about. When you replenish your wardrobe – be it buying at a ready-made clothes store or visiting a tailor – be sure that you are wearing things that fit you well. And if there is a need to work on your physical form – such an opportunity to improve your appearance also should not be neglected.

Body types and recommendations from David Ferreira fashion designer


There is only one key problem here. It is very difficult to find things without individual tailoring. The sleeves of the shirts hang down. Any trousers look baggy.

The most important thing to remember when buying or ordering clothes is that you need to put together a combination of things that will ultimately visually lengthen your body and draw the attention of a woman towards your upper body.

Slightly shortened sleeves and trousers, successfully implemented on the example of a suit, will help you look taller. Another nifty trick is to wear socks of the same color as your pants – they visually lengthen your legs.


Here, the problem is almost the same as in men with a compact physique. Most of the items in stores are made for men of average height. Therefore, trousers will mostly end on ankles, jacket sleeves on the elbows, etc. But even in this case, there is a solution.

You need to add a little “mass” to your look and dilute it with objects, fabrics, or patterns that emphasize the horizontal axis. It can be baggy fabric or horizontal stripes in clothes.

Being tall is definitely very convenient in many cases provided that you have chosen the right clothes; otherwise, you will look very awkward and lanky. Avoid this by breaking up the vertical line of your silhouette and creating a clear distinction between the upper and lower halves of your body.